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Machinery manufacturing lead the market merger tide

Since this year, the domestic capital market M & as extremely violent, in the A stock market soaring yesterday many stocks such as victor A, Zhenghai magnets, Dayuan shares are involved in mergers and acquisitions. Qianhai United chairman Xu Zhiqiang yesterday in an interview with reporters that the merger case, the future will be more and more, do not eliminate future national M & A will appear.
The three quarter of China completed 501 acquisitions
According to the clear family group under private through statistics, the third quarter of 2014 China M & a market completed transactions since 501, an increase of 43.1%, annulus comparing rises 17.9%; disclosure of the amount of M & A cases a total of 481, involving a total transaction amount to $36300000000, compared with the same period last year grew 98.8%, 30.5% growth in chain, transaction activity and scale both record Chinese M & a market value recorded the highest quarterly. In 501 M & A transactions, domestic M & A are 463, have the transaction amount of $24521000000; overseas M & A transactions involving 33, amount to $11675000000; foreign mergers and acquisitions since 5, the amount of the transaction totaling $103000000.
According to incomplete statistics, the A shares market this year nearly 200 listing Corporation has planning re suspended, nearly 70% of the listing Corporation restructuring after the stock to resume trading shares rose. The joint venture chairman Xu Zhiqiang pointed out in an interview, the domestic M & a market environment is mature, the entrepreneur also began to accept the merger, which is to promote the merger one cause of hot. Xu Zhiqiang thinks, "the future will be M & A from the previous opportunity, gradually evolved into an active M & A. At present only on the number of outbreaks, the future will be more and more cases, does not rule out future national M & A will appear."
Machinery manufacturing industry the most popular
From the number of mergers and acquisitions in terms of the 501 M & A transactions distributed in machinery manufacturing, clean technology, biotechnology / health care, energy and mineral resources, real estate, IT twenty three class industry. From the merger cases of view, this quarter the industry concentration is more dispersed, the machinery manufacturing industry in 54 cases, the total accounted for more than 10.3% results ranked first, which is nearly two years mechanical manufacturing industry for the first time in the first row.
Branch of the research center researcher Cao Ziting think, machinery manufacturing industry performance in this quarter is very prominent, mainly in the domestic M & A is the main. Since 2013, trapped in excess capacity and downstream infrastructure stimulus reduction, construction machinery market retains the quantity and other factors, most of China's engineering machinery enterprises hovering in the market of winter. At the same time, the cost of raw materials, labor costs, land costs rise, the price does not rise, such as recruitment difficulties, low degree of specialization, backward management and so on five big internal risk factors leading to the majority of machinery manufacturing industry in the state of loss. In the harsh market environment, industry reshuffle is inevitable trend, especially in the mixed ownership reform, state-owned enterprises need to inject a professional management and technical capacity, the elimination of non competitive enterprises, the benign development of the industry.
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