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Aimed at the industry's top to the allocation of construction machinery Chinese "core"

Xugong hydraulic pieces of the core components of "upgrade technology and intelligent" reconstruction project officially started
In 2014, the domestic construction machinery market the core components of the competition has intensified, a new round of construction machinery development if there is no quality hydraulic components and advanced hydraulic integrated system support will not be able to fundamentally grasp and make breakthrough key technology. As components of the domestic first-class manufacturing enterprises, great prospect of Xugong hydraulic parts companies aiming to engineering machinery fittings market, after a long-term investigation, decided to re integrate the existing resources, the full implementation of the "engineering machinery hydraulic components and core technology upgrade intelligent transformation project", according to the industry's top standards to build hydraulic products R & D and production base, in order to completely get rid of the hydraulic components subject to foreign manufacturers situation, for the engineering machinery China "core configuration". At present, the company has passed the relevant examination and approval of technical innovation projects, and the establishment of the Project Leadership Council and the implementation mechanism, formally entered the implementation stage.
One, in order to "fine" Tuzhi, realize the automation, informationization, intelligent manufacturing hydraulic components
The technical transformation projects give full consideration to the development trend of the future manufacturing parts, in order to "fine" Tuzhi, and strive to achieve automation, informationization, intelligent hydraulic components manufacturing. The implementation of this project will be according to the characteristics of the product processing and equipment characteristics, re division of the production line, based on equipment processing automation, increase logistics automation equipment, ensure the overall level of automation of production lines; through SAP, MES, PDM, andon system covering and association, the establishment of the factory information network, with the production line monitoring system and detection device and make the production information, quality information, equipment information timely, accurate, efficient collection, transmission, display and sharing, realize the informatization and automation production line; control by creating exception reporting and processing of all production workers, the establishment of information management of product process data, in the upgrading of product quality at the same time, reduce labor costs. To realize the intelligent production.
Two, to "excellent" layout, build guarantee capability of manufacturing technology of hydraulic industry leading
Based on the principle of the scientific division of coarse and fine processing, reasonable concentration of key processes, the technological transformation project will be in accordance with the product production process characteristics, to "excellent" layout, creating the industry leading technology manufacturing assurance ability. The overall layout of the project will be divided into 11 production lines of 6 unit 2 centers, using the western section combined with existing plant 60000 square meters, the layout of electroplating, long, excavator hydraulic cylinder machine processing, assembly, painting task, in east area of the existing 39000 square meters factory layout in remanufacturing, hydraulic valve, short cylinder processing, assembly, painting area, and 15000 square meters of new cold drawn wire, production preparation center, hard tube surface treatment plant; at the same time will also be based on a variety of products, structural characteristics and technological route similarity set up production line, fully consider the concept of lean production, combined with the company's unique manufacturing technology, the use of advanced processing technology industry keeps the balance of the production line, reduce work in process, which has flexible balance ability, and gradually realize small batch flow and single piece flow, in the rapid output to ensure the products at the same time, the realization of over processing reliability and process is stable and the nature of the product.
Three, to "strong" thrive and expand new business, expand production line hydraulic emerging force
The stability of hydraulic cylinder, hose and traditional market at the same time, the company will also accelerate the new business expansion, to "strong" starts a career, the hydraulic valve and other new products to make scale. The technological transformation project, will be high-end break, end cut, low-end supplement for the positioning principle, optimization of the expansion of the existing valve product production line, improving the precision of the product; the new valve stem trial production line, the realization of the stem key procedure of trial production, improving the level of manufacturing hydraulic valve, and create the conditions for grasping the key technology and industrialization development.
Technological transformation after the implementation of the project, there will be a bottleneck for thoroughly break the core components of control engineering machinery host independent development, further development of engineering machinery hydraulic industry become industry to occupy the core technology and differentiation competition commanding height advantage plate.
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