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Engineering machinery industry showed a negative growth with overseas can be a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment?

The 2014 calendar to see bottom, engineering machinery industry data remains in the doldrums, the overall sales and operating income of the negative growth situation. This world factory machinery network responsible person think, this is not the industry in decline, if a change in thinking the impact of overseas market, the development of construction machinery industry trend will be steady rise, once again usher in a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of the day.
Engineering machinery industry downturn data
According to the latest data display, 1~8 month construction machinery excavator and loader drop respectively compared to the same period 8.26% and 7.73%, drop than last month to expand 0.92 percentage points and 1.21 percentage points respectively. From 1~8 months of excavator and loader output growth, was the monthly decline trend, after entering in July decline narrowed slightly. Engineering machinery products only compaction machinery is increasing, a year-on-year growth of 16.95%. September excavator industry sales year-on-year growth of -33%, the central than the 1%, sales data remains in the doldrums, the major manufacturers year-on-year negative growth.
Experienced pains period is expected to rebound
Construction machinery industry after the decline in sales in 2012, began in the second half of 2013 the total increase of products from negative to positive, to 9 by the end of the loader, bulldozer, industrial vehicles, road roller sales are to achieve positive growth. Although the first half of 2014 downtown pressure on the economy increase, but from the China engineering machinery industry association to understand, in the mechanical engineering overall sales and operating income is negative growth situation, in July this year China engineering machinery main products sales rose 0.88%.
The world factory machinery network responsible for this thought, this is not the industry in decline, but the engineering machinery industry is experiencing a "labor pains period from rapid growth to stable growth". With the policy of national preconditioning, trimming, steady growth began, business environment will be further improved, the whole industry will be better overall situation, and shows a stable and sustainable development. At the same time, the second half of the development of shantytowns transformation, high iron and continue to invest in energy-saving environmental protection industry will be prompted to factors of construction machinery industry development.
The overseas market flags fluttering
The domestic situation has been clear, good overall stability, but the lack of demand, overcapacity will still exist. Throughout the world history of the development of construction machinery, China is still in the growth stage, the overseas market will have more room for development.
At the end of 8, the industry business model Liming heavy industry and Kazakhstan a strength of the concrete company hit it off, smooth signed millions of orders. At the end of 7, "tropical island" Indonesia a large ceramic tile company and liming heavy industry word, signing of millions of orders.
Recently, Xu Gongquan hydraulic large tonnage roller batch export to Algeria, which is in recent years the domestic roller export rare. Full hydraulic flagship product, the batch export models include XP262, XS263 and so on 17 high-tech.
Cross-border business, can do
Engineering machinery enterprise to change the ideas, to borrow a cross-border e-commerce impact overseas markets, whether industry ushered in the spring, win the elated that day? It's not impossible.
Allegedly, Moscow named Chimo cost Vasiliev 25 year old boy, through the network able to buy a reconnaissance patrol armored car. Although in the delivery process took some twists and turns, but like armored military vehicles that heavy equipment could and successful sales through the network, this also means that, in the traditional industrial areas, like engineering machinery machine this kind of heavy equipment will also usher in another brilliant in cross-border electronic commerce era.
International Electronic Commerce has become the traditional way of foreign trade development of new enterprises. As a new cross-border business platform, the world factory from the enterprise website construction, image display, the exhibition of goods to the buyer, ordering, payment and delivery, enterprises and individuals can be real time communication with domestic and foreign buyers and sellers. At present the world factory has developed 6 major language station operation, enterprises can have bilingual background, barrier free communication operation, will sell the range of radiation to Europe and the United States, South America, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other global markets.
At the same time, the factory of the world net export service, through the characteristics of extreme Wang, shopwindow recommend, industry recommended topics promotion service, can further help the enterprise to the layout of the world, to obtain high flow, successfully transformed into inquiry order. The full range of e-commerce services greatly saves the cost of cross-border trade of small and medium sized enterprises.
The world factory Qiao Jingliang said that the power of the antenna has already extended to the traditional manufacturing industry, situation of global business to, if really can emancipate the mind, every business owner can do.
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