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The transformation and upgrading of construction machinery in Unlimited Business Opportunities

China engineering machinery market downlink has been more than three years, the engineering machinery industry suffering from overcapacity, accounts receivable, too much stimulation reduces downstream countries infrastructure, construction machinery market retains the effect is high, the market continued to run low, when the recovery is expected to.
In the new market situation, many engineering machinery enterprises have begun to move said of an aged person. Most of the enterprises from the beginning of adjusting the structure of production capacity, reduced, after more than three years "adjustable structure, turn way", through scientific and technological innovation, to resolve the excess, industrial agglomeration, internationalization strategy, significant progress has been made in the transformation and upgrading.
4 years after trillion investment back in 2008, a large number of engineering projects, stimulate China construction machinery market growth spurt, at the time of the market environment, the user, dealer lined up to manufacturers purchase, once the enterprise production line stretched. In order to seize the market, enterprises in the early to take "the extensive management mode of growth in Happy Valley" of the expansion of production capacity, is one of the important causes of excess capacity.
In the face of China engineering machinery industry a period of adjustment, many enterprises begin to change and novelty for the transition path, starting from the hard skills, to seek opportunities in the market downturn. According to the Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association forecast, the 2014 industry sales to maintain steady growth, an increase of around 8%.
The whole industry through three years of "adjusting structure, turn way", to promote the transformation and upgrading of great advances in hand. Chinese Engineering Machinery Industry Association vice president Su Zimeng will be the development of construction machinery industry during the China summed up in eight words: face the adjustment, as the initiative.
There are mainly five aspects. The first, science and technology innovation capability is significantly enhanced. Second, to resolve the excess, eliminating the backward, overcome the impetuous and obvious effects. Third, improve the level of industrial agglomeration, intensive. Merger and reorganization and pay attention to actual effect, industrial layout more reasonable, the enterprise organizational structure is more optimized. Fourth, to further accelerate the pace of internationalization. Fifth, the enterprise development strategy to realize scientific management of change, quality further improved, product development, risk management, quality management, brand building, channel construction performance significantly.
China's major Chinese construction machinery and equipment quantity is about 5610000 -608 million units, the bottom of our market of hydraulic excavator 8 years market retains the quantity is 1150800 about. The two cell phone due to manufacturers and agents of the cash flow and operating risk and high-profile. Engineering machinery retains the quantity is so large that the commencement of the project demand is weak is insufficient, which leads to a lot of engineering machinery equipment for a long time in the idle state, thereby promoting the two mobile phone sales.
Since the beginning of construction machinery issued milder signal, the path to recovery has been constantly twists and turns. While the market economy environment of the slowdown, but also to the recovery brought a certain pressure, in the presence of added within the industry to maintain a large quantity, debt crisis and the export situation is grim and many other issues, leading to the engineering mechanical recovery road a long way to go. But in such a market environment, enterprises through innovation and transformation, product upgrades and other technical means, can achieve unlimited business opportunities.
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