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Design of reliability and maintainability design of machinery

(a) the definition of reliability and measurement index
Definition 1 reliability
The so-called reliability, refers to the system or product to the conditions and provisions of the time, ability to perform the provisions of the functional.
2 reliability index
(1) reliability.
(2) failure rate (or failure rate).
(3) the average life span (or mean time between failures).
(4) the degree of repair.
(5) availability.
(two) the maintainability design
1 repair and maintenance
The so-called maintenance is ordered to keep products in normal use and operation state, and for all the measures to eliminate the defects or defect taken, including process equipment operation maintenance, equipment condition monitoring and fault diagnosis and troubleshooting, adjustment and final acceptance test until recovered to the normal operation of a series of work. In short, to maintain or restore the products stipulated functions called maintenance technical measures taken.
Maintainability is refers to the degree of difficulty of fault repair products, namely in the stipulated conditions and within the stipulated time, the degree of difficulty to complete a product maintenance tasks.
Maintainability design 2 product structure
Maintainability design refers to the product design, designers should be the maintenance point of view, to ensure that when products once the fault, fault can be found easily, easy disassembly, Yi Jianxiu, easy to install, you can repair to the high degree of. Maintenance degree is inherent property of products, one of which belongs to the product reliability index. Maintenance level directly affect the product maintenance, maintenance costs, rate of products by using influence. The main issues to be considered in maintainability design generally includes:
(1) accessibility.
(2) standardization and interchangeability of components of the zero set.
(3) the maintenance staff safety.
3 reliability design and maintainability design relationship
Design of reliability and maintainability design is to ensure the reliability of the products from different angles. The former mainly from the guarantee work performance of products, and strive to no fault or less the fault, is to solve the security problem in essence, scheme design and structure design stage managed to eliminate the dangerous and harmful factors; the latter is considered from the point of maintenance, once the product failure, which itself can automatically discover the fault, and display a fault or an alarm signal is extended and can automatically remove or suspend the fault fault.
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