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China engineering machinery industry take the intelligent process approach

At present, China's construction machinery industry has a certain scale, and have long-term good prospects for development, but in the product structure still exists problems, showing the low-end overcapacity in high-end products, lack of competitiveness. At the same time, continue to improve our labor costs and the RMB exchange rate also have high low-end engineering machinery products export profit margins continue to shrink, through technical upgrades to increase the added value of the products will become represent the general trend; in addition, the national all kinds of energy saving and environmental protection policies and to the high-tech industry support policy implementation will also speed up the adjustment of enterprise products line. The above factors will accelerate the construction machinery industry structural adjustment and the pace of industrial upgrading, and provide the guarantee for the construction machinery industry sustained and healthy development.
For the equipment manufacturing industry, human being beyond the raw materials become the biggest cost, if not speed up the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, and take the road of the development of intelligent, industry profit space will be further compressed. So, how to construction machinery industry will be intelligent, introducing the most intuitive performance is a robot, at present a lot of enterprises have already in the production process in the large-scale use of robot welding, painting, assembly work.
It is understood, in 2005 ~2015 years, the global industrial robot with an average annual sales growth is expected to be 9%, and Chinese industrial robot with an average annual sales growth is expected to reach 25%. By 2015, China robot market demand or will reach 35000 units, accounting for a global total of 16.9%, become the biggest robot using market. At present, the use of intelligent robots in production, is a more common phenomenon.
Aiming at the typical construction machinery industry in the new situation facing the internationalization process of the brutal competition in the domestic market and new technology, the challenges of survival and development, must solve the TQCS problem, namely, with the fastest speed of the listing, to meet different customer needs. The most effective - intelligent means to solve the problem of manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing is "China manufacturing" goal.
The optimization of industrial structure
At present, China engineering machinery market in the low-end products, such as bulldozers, loaders, basically in a state of overcapacity. On the one hand, because of the lower threshold, value-added products is not high, the product gross margin is generally low, and the market competition is intense; on the other hand, these products in the market expansion is limited, and even some products have been replaced and the elimination trend. Therefore, only through the expansion of production capacity to achieve the scale of growth is unable to maintain the company and the industry sustained and healthy development. The next few years is expected to the adjustment of industrial structure of construction machinery industry will accelerate the structural growth, which will become an important force to promote the development of construction machinery industry.
Three, merger and reorganization
Industry of machinery of our country project to benefit from China's economic especially fixed asset investment sustained rapid development and related policy support, industry scale has been ranked first in the world. At present, although our country's leading construction machinery industry enterprises have a certain degree of international competitiveness, but compared with the international giants such as Carter Biller, Komatsu gap remains enormous. In the "Twelfth Five Year" plan amendments have clearly put forward to encourage engineering machinery industry mergers and acquisitions. Through mergers and acquisitions, effective integration of resources, avoid duplication of investment waste, and eliminate backward production capacity, supporting and training has growth potential of the international company, and promote technological progress and the expansion of the scale of the construction machinery industry, the realization of engineering machinery industry industrial upgrading and healthy development.
China is a big manufacturing country, is now changing situation both at home and abroad, plus the cost of labor to rise, China Construction machinery industry to upgrade imminent. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry is taking high new technology as the guide, in the value chain and industry chain, determines the whole industry chain of the comprehensive competitiveness of strategic and emerging industries, is the backbone of the modern industrial system, is to promote industrial transformation and upgrading the engine.
Judging from the current situation, China's "Twelfth Five Year" plan put forward higher requirements to the development of construction machinery industry, flexible production, automation and digital based intelligent manufacturing will become the new standard of the industry. Expected, the fixed assets investment of China Construction Machinery Industry in 2015 amounted to 100000000000 yuan, of which the intelligent manufacturing investment will be as high as 30000000000 yuan. This will make the whole intelligent domestic engineering machinery industry manufacturing level to a new level at the end of.
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