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Discussion on machine safety standards and technology, to meet higher security requirements!

One of the world's largest safety switch electric appliance manufacturers schmersal company and the Rhine technology limited company (TUV) cooperation, recently in Beijing and Shanghai held the "international machine safety standards and Technology Conference 2007". The purpose of this seminar is to let China manufacturing industry peers to fully understand the standard machine safety protection technology of Europe and America and other developed industrial countries properly enacted laws and regulations, to better meet the safety requirement of mechanical equipment is more and more high, adapt to the rapid development of mechanical automation technology trends, improve safety awareness.
On the meeting, from schmersal group senior security expert Mr. Adams, emphatically introduces the new ISO 12100 guidelines, risk assessment, the latest security technology of element and other hot topics. At the same time, the German Rhine technology limited company engineers also safe range of related machinery and equipment in North America and Europe and other countries are introduced.
Schmersal industrial switchgear (Shanghai) Company general manager Dr. Liu Youqi pointed out: China in twentieth Century 90 time promulgated the manufacture of mechanical products national standards, but compared with the European Union and the United States, is not its compulsory, legalization. Therefore, combined with the international standards, the formulation of national standards and mandatory execution, is our top priority. Schmersal constantly vigorously propaganda machine safety standards in education, the focus is to let the Chinese equipment manufacturers more truly aware of enhanced security does not mean a reduction in benefits and lower productivity, but can have unexpected benefits.
Long term since, schmersal is "system security protection for man and machine" as a business purpose with various international safety standard to strict standards, hoping to a contribution to the security problems of Chinese manufacturing industry of their own.
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