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Engine type: horizontal air-cooled four stroke engine

The gasoline engine is air and gasoline in a certain proportion are mixed into a mixture of good, in the intake stroke is drawn into the cylinder, gas mixture through the compression ignition combustion generated heat, high temperature and high pressure gas acts on the piston top, push the piston reciprocating linear motion through the connecting rod, crankshaft and flywheel mechanism, outputting mechanical energy. Four stroke gasoline engine to complete a cycle of work on the intake stroke, compression stroke, power stroke and exhaust stroke.
The intake stroke
The piston in the crankshaft drive by TDC to bdc. The intake valve opening, closing the exhaust valve, the crankshaft rotates 180 DEG. During movement of the piston, the cylinder volume increases, the gas pressure in the cylinder decreases gradually from PR to PA, the cylinder to form a certain vacuum, gas mixture of air and gasoline through the intake valve is sucked into the cylinder, and the cylinder is further mixed to form a combustible mixture. Because of the existence of resistance of air intake system, air inlet end (figure a) cylinder gas pressure less than atmospheric pressure of 0 P, namely pa= (0.80 ~ 0.90) P 0. Enter the combustible mixed gas in a cylinder temperature, due to the intake pipe, cylinder wall, piston top, valve and the wall of the combustion chamber and other components at high temperature heating, and the residual gas mixing and increased to 340 ~ 400K.
The compression stroke
When compression stroke, intake valve and exhaust valve, closed at the same time. Piston from BDC to TDC, the crankshaft rotates 180 DEG. The piston moves on, work volume gradually reduced, the mixture in cylinder pressure and temperature rising after compression, arrived at the compression end, the pressure of PC up to 800 ~ 2 000kPa, temperature of 600 ~ 750K. In the indicator diagram, the compression stroke is a ~ C curve.
Power stroke
As the piston nears TDC, the spark plug ignites the air-fuel mixture and combustion of mixed gas release a lot of heat energy, so that the cylinder gas pressure and temperature increase rapidly. The maximum combustion pressure of pZ up to 3000 ~ 6 000kPa, temperature of TZ up to 2200 ~ 2 800K. The gas of high temperature and high pressure to push the piston from TDC down only a little exercise, and through the crank connecting rod mechanism of outputting mechanical energy. With the downward movement of the piston, the cylinder volume increases, gas pressure and temperature gradually declined, reaching point B, the pressure dropped to 300 ~ 500kPa, the temperature dropped to 1200 ~ 1 500K. During the power stroke, the intake valve and the exhaust valves are closed, the crankshaft rotates 180 DEG. In the indicator diagram, power stroke for c-Z-b curve.
Exhaust stroke
The exhaust stroke, the exhaust valve, intake valve remains closed, the piston from BDC to TDC, the crankshaft rotates 180 DEG. The exhaust valve is opened, the waste gas after burning hand in the cylinder under the action of the pressure difference inside and outside the discharged to the outside of the cylinder, on the other hand to the cylinder through the crowding out effect of the piston exhaust. Because of the effects of exhaust system the exhaust resistance, end point R point pressure slightly above atmospheric pressure, namely pr= (1.05 ~ 1.20) p0. The exhaust end temperature of Tr=900 ~ 1100K. The piston moves to the TDC, the combustion chamber is still left with a certain volume of waste gas can not be discharged, this part of the exhaust gas is called the residual gas.
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